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Predict Student Success

Nationally-normed test measures performance and gaps to predict future success.

The Kaplan Nursing School Admissions Test is a pre-admission assessment that predicts a student’s ability to succeed in nursing school. Because the first step in any successful nursing program is selecting the correct students, a test that determines student aptitude is essential.

Nationally normed and created to measure performance and gaps in physiology, math and reading, it is designed for students with a high-school education (or equivalent), and does not require any previous nursing education.

Performance Measurements

Test covers reading, writing, basic math, science, and critical thinking.

Nationally Normed

The test includes 91 nationally-normed questions.

Choose the Right Students

Analyze test results to identify the students that are best suited for your nursing program.

  • Single Login

One login for faculty members offers access to all reports.

  • Test Scheduling

Intuitive scheduling tool is easy to use.

  • Grading & Instant Results

We handle the scoring of tests, offering you instantaneous results.

  • Actionable Reports

View 6 sortable reports with scores for reading, writing, math, science, critical thinking, and cumulative scoring.


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