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Benchmarking across all relevant areas, for each nursing student, is critical to enable focus on the areas which need it most.  With Kaplan, your faculty will have detailed insight into each student and cohort’s topic knowledge and NCLEX®-specific elements.

These tests are important because they assess students’ recall and understanding, in addition to their analysis and application skills. Designed to look like the real NCLEX®, these benchmark tests include all question types, including NGN.

Monitor Student Progress

Benchmark testing follows students throughout their journeys, assessing critical knowledge and skills.

Cover core topics

Testing covers more than 20 core nursing topics benchmarked to nursing students in the U.S.

Standardized or Customized

Choose from standardized benchmark tests or customized tests to match specific course learning objectives in any curricular model— including concept-based curriculums.

NCLEX®-like Interface

This interface mimics the NCLEX® so students are better prepared for the real thing.

Intuitive Administration Tools

Faculty can easily administer tests, view reports, and analyze performance.

  • Reliable, Secure Delivery

Valid and reliable, tests are administered electronically in a secure environment.

  • Detailed Reports

View reports that provide feedback on student and cohort performance.

  • Performance Analysis

Assess students’ recall and understanding, plus analysis and application skills.

  • Proctoring

Our partnership with online exam proctoring leader, Examity, allows for multiple levels of security to meet your needs.

See Kaplan Nursing’s Benchmark Testing For Yourself

Nursing faculty and administrators: schedule a demo to view the tests, how they are administered, and review sample results.

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