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Throughout our integrated programs, we incorporate content review in a variety of ways to accommodate all learning styles.  Written content is presented in an easy-to-read bulleted format, while test-taking methodology and NCLEX® prep strategies are covered in engaging audio and video formats, including Biodigital animations.

Content Review Suite

Integrated content review focuses students on the most critical information.

  • Practice Tests

Students can take practices tests covering 25 essential nursing topics.

  • Remediation

Students receive targeted reviews of practice test content to improve in areas where they struggle.

  • On-Demand Review

Students have 24/7 Access to the exclusive NCLEX® Channel and 81 hours of streamable videos in our Nursing Skills Videos Library.

  • The Basics eBook

Reviews basic nursing content with 500+ pages of easy-to-understand outlines, tables and graphs.

  • Study Skills

Students build nursing knowledge along with study skills and test-taking tactics.

  • Pharmacology Flashcards

Students effectively study 299 medications across 22 drug types frequently tested on the NCLEX with our digital pharmacology flashcards.

Drug Dosage and Calculation

The Drug Dosage and Calculation Workshop is a popular feature of our content review suite. The online content delivered in three sections: Basic Math, Ratio and Proportion, and Dimensional Analysis.  After taking the workshop, students have the opportunity to test their knowledge with tests on the dosage and calculation content.

View Our Content Review Resources for Institutions

Nursing faculty and administrators: schedule a demo to view the tests, video library, and skill-building resources.

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