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Did you know that as your GMAT score goes up it gets even tougher to improve? The last mile is always the hardest. This course is for crushing that home stretch. If you have at least a 650 (Q42/V35) and aren’t satisfied, GMAT Advanced is for you.


  • 6 full-length Manhattan Prep GMAT practice exams
  • Access to on-demand, interactive video lessons
  • All the GMAT Strategy Guide Set
  • GMAT Advanced Quant Guide
  • Test simulation booklet
  • Manhattan Prep GMAT mobile app
  • The Official Guide for GMAT Review
  • GMAT Official Advanced Questions
  • Custom 1-on-1 pre and postexam assessments with an instructor
  • GMAT Navigator™ practice tracker with full solutions for the main Official Guide


Our 99th-percentile instructors will provide focused instruction to help you master the most difficult GMAT content in a condensed timeline.

Pedro Ledesma III

Pedro is driven by wanderlust, learning, and improvement. He has taught students in Guatemala, Seoul, Zimbabwe, and New York City. He's helped hundreds of students master the GMAT.

Tiffany Berkebile

GMAT prep is Tiffany’s favorite subject to teach, because the GMAT is essentially a puzzle. A very wordy, 3-hour-long puzzle. She loves helping students realize that in the midst of facing a challenge, you can still have fun.

Dmitry Farber

Dmitry has taught everyone from unruly teenagers to college professors. He has been teaching for Manhattan Prep since 2009 and has a 780 GMAT score.

Here's What We'll Cover

All of our lessons will focus on both content and strategy; each is equally important when you're already at 650+ and reaching for 700+. Today, we'll perfect your Data Sufficiency habits to maximize efficiency without sacrificing accuracy. We'll also work on quant timing and decision making via timed problem sets. On the Verbal side, we'll tackle advanced methods for maximizing your efficiency on Sentence Correction (where you need to save time, to give yourself extra time on other problem types).

This week, Quant focuses on mastery of arithmetic-based (aka paper math) solution strategies (testing cases, smart numbers, working backwards) as well as targeted guessing strategies for extra-hard Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency problems. Sentence Correction will be a deep dive into tricky Structure, Meaning, and Modifier issues—the most common issues tested on the GMAT. In Critical Reasoning, we'll focus on Structure and Assumptions on tough problems.

Hard Algebra and Number Properties problems can repeat certain underlying patterns—we'll tackle those patterns today. On the Verbal side, we'll dive into challenging passages in Reading Comprehension and address Parallelism and Comparisons in Sentence Correction. We'll also discuss overall time management for the Quant, Verbal, and IR sections as you gear up to take your second practice test after this class.

A number of very hard GMAT Quant problems can be solved efficiently and effectively using a visual approach—draw a picture, make a diagram, use a table. We'll also cover Pronouns and Verbs in Sentence Correction and Strengthen, Weaken, and Evaluate in Critical Reasoning. And we'll spend some time talking about how to analyze the data from your second practice test in order to best target your studies between now and your third practice test.

Mixed review is the name of the day—in this class session, we reserve the right to toss anything at you from any of our previous lessons. In Quant, we'll also cover how to organize really complex story problems; in Sentence Correction, we'll talk about how to quickly recognize the most common SC topics tested—even though every sentence is different. In Critical Reasoning, we'll address Inference and Discrepancy problems. Finally, we'll talk about next steps as you get ready to take the real test, including how to sign up for your free 1:1 session with an instructor to customize your post-course studies as you get ready to take the real GMAT!

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

This course is designed to focus on those who are already scoring in the 650-750 range with strength in both quant and verbal. The instructor assumes a solid foundation across all basic math and grammar content. The course is shorter because the instructor will not have to cover topics like exponent rules and instead will focus on strategies appropriate for more difficult questions.

Students who have not taken the full 9-session course are expected to do additional work to familiarize themselves with Manhattan Prep strategies. (You will receive the online resources immediately upon signup, and books will be delivered to you soon thereafter, depending on the shipping speed you choose.)

The Complete Course gives you everything you need, but it’s longer and includes some topics that those who already have higher scores may not need.

We’ve established specific sub-score requirements in quant and verbal so that the class can skip the basics for both topics (some people can reach a 650 by excelling at one side of the test but not the other). You’ll need at least a 42 in quant, and at least a 35 in verbal.

You’re welcome to use Interact or a regular 9-session course (or our books) to prepare. If you do a course or self-study program, there’s a reduced rate for the score-qualified course if you later qualify for and decide to join that course.

Our advanced course is designed assuming students already know the basics of content and strategy. If you don’t, expect to do more HW than others to keep up with the course. When you sign up, you’ll get access to all of the course materials, so we recommend signing up as far in advance as you can in order to get a head start. You always must be score-qualified at the time of sign up.

  • Take a photo of the paper score report you received when leaving the test center, or take a screenshot of your scores from your account, and email to
  • We also accept the scores on our own CATs (Manhattan Prep only, no other company). Just let us know you’d like to use them.
  • Once we’ve received your qualifying scores, you may sign up either through our website or over the phone with us.

Yes. Former Complete Course students are eligible for a discounted price of $799 (plus shipping costs for any new/replacement books you may need). Former Advanced Course students are eligible for a discounted price of $599 (again, plus shipping costs if you need new books).

Yes, you are eligible for a discount; please contact Student Services for a specific quote.