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With 600 nurses on staff, there’s no shortage of experts at Kaplan. Meet a few RNs dedicated to helping you pass the NCLEX.

Susan Benesh

Based in: Columbia, SC
Nursing specialty: Integrative medicine and hormone replacement.
"If I weren't a nurse, I'd be working in the National Parks. I have an AirStream, Chevy Avalanche, and BMW convertible. I do a lot of off-grid camping, and kayaked from Columbia to Charleston."

Bruce Hoffman

Based in: Ellington, CT
Favorite subjects to teach: Pathophysiology, emergency nursing, and critical care nursing. "I’m a pilot, and I was a flight nurse for five years, flying Cessna Citations and Learjets. I love taking care of people, it’s an adrenaline rush!"

Veronica Sanchez

Based in: Bronx, NY
Nursing specialties: Community health, quality improvement, and patient safety. "My favorite subject to teach is mental health. I have a background in psych nursing, and a knack for the insane!"

Janice Lanham

Based in: Clemson, SC
Favorite subject to teach: Cardiac and respiratory in Kaplan Medical Centers. "I love to sing Karaoke, I do Gladys Knight and the Pips, Aretha, Whitney—all the old school artists!"

Tulla Diede

Based in: Spokane, WA
Favorite subject to teach: Skills lab. "As a generalist, I’ve done every last thing in a hospital you can think of. I'm a jack-of-all-trades kind of girl.”

Not Just Any Teacher Will Do

What it takes to become a Kaplan Nurse Educator

Master's Degree

Additionally, a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience and an active, unencumbered nursing license.

Audition and Interview

Teachers must be dynamic to make an impact on learning; ours pass a rigorous interview and audition process.

Teacher Development

Includes 20 hours of training on how to be an effective educator, and 20-40 hours of prep time.

"I consider myself a nurse and a teacher; it's the best of both worlds."

—Janice Lanham