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Next Gen NCLEX "What You Need to Know"

Our e-Book includes up-to-date information from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), so you’ll have everything that you need to prepare your students for NGN.


Preparing for NGN: How to Write Extended Hot Spot Items

Nursing educators need increased support and innovative resources so that they can prepare their students for the Next Generation NCLEX. To this end, we are excited to share a new series of videos, prepared by educators for educators, around all things NextGen NCLEX.

Discover More Webinars and Workshops

Kaplan provides a robust selection of faculty development opportunities. Webinars, live online workshops, instructional seminars, white papers, and additional events are available. To explore NGN resources, recaps, and recordings of past events, visit our Nursing Educators Blog.

i-Human Patients by Kaplan

Our cloud-based virtual clinical simulations help students gain confidence in their clinical judgment skills for success on the NCLEX® and beyond. These realistic patient encounters were thoughtfully developed with the RN/PN student in mind. Students interact with virtual patients in a comprehensive patient encounter from history to nursing notes.

Discover a Powerful Mode of Learning with

i-Human Patients

·       Over 130 Undergraduate Nursing cases

·       230 patient “avatars”

·       Participating avatars including caretakers

·       Wide range of ages and demographics

·       Specialty cases including OB, Peds, Surgical, Rehab, and Mental Health

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Additional Resources

Kaplan is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of nursing education and test prep. That’s why our nursing experts regularly conduct research and write scholarly articles for nursing educators. 

Enhancing Clinical Thinking Through Engagement & Remediation

In an indispensable white paper, Kaplan Nurse Consultant Dr. Hallie Bensinger, DNP, APN, FNP, takes a deep dive into ways to engage students through remediation to promote positive student outcomes and improve critical thinking skills for the NCLEX and beyond.

Building Student Clinical Judgment Skills for the Next Generation NCLEX

Learn how educators can help students fortify their skills in critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgement in this article by Dr. Shannon Meijer, DNP, RN, Kaplan nurse consultant.

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View our most recent white papers, access past articles, and link to resources from the Kaplan Nursing Educator's Blog.

Nursing Educators Video Library

Since NCSBN's announcement of the upcoming changes to the NCLEX exam, Kaplan has been providing educators with details of what to expect. If you would like to learn more about these changes, visit our curated library of events and training sessions. 


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