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Kaplan's Public Interest Discount

To apply for Kaplan's Public Interest Discount, fill out our application form here.

Know a classmate prepping with Kaplan through their law firm? Ask them about the Kaplan Gift of Knowledge, one of the bonuses included in their convenience package that includes a free course for a friend going into Public Interest. To find out more about Kaplan Bar Review’s convenience package and direct law firm billing, visit the link here.

What is Public Interest?

Public Interest is defined by a broad range of activities. Public Interest lawyers work to effect change in social policies for the public interest, on 'not for profit' terms, or to represent poor or marginalized people. Instead of serving the interests of private clients or economic interests, Public Interest lawyers advocate for otherwise under-represented or vulnerable individuals and communities to protect the rights, health, or finances of the public at large.

Why go into Public Interest?

Lawyers choose to go into Public Interest because of their belief and passion for particular causes. Working in Public Interest, the lawyers and support staff tend to have a shared mission. Public Interest lawyers enter this track knowing those around them share their basic value systems. This tends produces a high degree of solidarity and conviviality in the workplace.

While a career in Public Interest may not be the most lucrative option, it can be incredibly rewarding. A 2015 study found that lawyers in public-service jobs who made the least money were most likely to report being happy. Other reasons often cited for going into Public Interest include the flexibility or versatility that this type of practice offers, outstanding mentoring opportunities, and the large degree of responsibility that is given even to beginners.

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