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Kaplan’s remediation is purposefully designed, targeting the students who might be struggling to understand what they do not know and how they can learn it.

While Kaplan offers a plethora of resources, we understand that they can become overwhelming and frustrating to the non-self efficacious student. So, we guide students specifically directing them to the most important information for them. With the assistance of textbooks, engaging video series, and practice resources, Kaplan’s remediation program helps fill in the gaps at an efficient rate, empowering students to learn exactly what they need to without becoming overwhelmed.

Layered Remediation

Focused areas of practice and understanding accessible online 24x7

Layered Remediation

Individualized content remediation focused on identified opportunities and designed to foster engagement and retention.

  • Identify Opportunities

Throughout their journey, students see where they are falling behind and are directed to focused areas of study.

  • Encourage Remediation

Students are encouraged to spend time remediating topics they have yet to master.

  • Foster Retention

Audio and visuals help the student retain the deepest understanding of the topic.

  • Build Confidence

Students will build their confidence and reduce stress as they master concepts and become more comfortable in the testing environment.

See Our Remediation Focus for Yourself

Nursing faculty and administrators: schedule a demo to see how students are encouraged to use remediation, and the insight faculty receives into utilization.

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